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Crazy Hand of Poker
Clicks: 1963
Annoying Fan - Go Raiders!!
Clicks: 6809
Never Headbutt Your Weights!
Clicks: 6965
Pole Vaulter Misses Landing Mat
Clicks: 5862
Lucky Basketball Shot From Bike
Clicks: 5955
Incredible Golf Ball Ricochet Accident
Clicks: 7536
New Sport: Water Jug Baseball
Clicks: 5748
Bull Gets The Best of Bullfighter
Clicks: 5869
Double Bowling Strike
Clicks: 5263
Why Little Kids Should Not Play Dodgeball
Clicks: 5427
Kid Pegged By an Inside Pitch
Clicks: 4213
Cheerleading Bloopers
Clicks: 5505
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Choose a crazy video from the list above or browse through the archives to find something of interest to you. You will find it all, from baseball and bowling videos to cheerleading wipeouts and videos that showcase fans that are a little too into it. If you have a good sports-related video that you would like to see added to the site, please submit it. We can always use more wild sports videos!



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